Hi, I have a 86 GN and today my father was driving it and he stated the car was running weird and the check engine light cam on. He got home and the car would not start but, 20 minutes later it started but, not running right, a little rough but, drivable. I connected the OBD scanner like I have done a million times on this car and I get no info or nothing at all. I tried another car I have and the scanner worked as it should. So, where to start diagnosing? The car has fuel pressure so, I?ll know that?s good. How do I get the OBD system back to working so I can diagnosis? Or maybe a bad ecu? I don?t know? Any thoughts?
Hi, thanks for the replies. I haven't had a chance to look at the car today. Yep, I was thinking the paper clip method was worth a try and I'm gonna check all the ecu wiring. It's been super cold here in CT the past couple days so, hopefully it warms up and I'll dig into it. I have another project car in the garage taking up space so, it's outside under the tent for me..... Yes, I have a scanmaster but, I forgot all the proper values at the time and had nothing to cross reference. I have my data info materials and will definitely be checking that out. In the past a bad O2 sensor gave similar symptoms so, maybe a easy fix. If the issue turns out to be the ecu, who rebuilds and/or offers a new ecu for the GN? or what to do if it is a bad ecu. I had the same issue on a C4 vette a few years ago and it drove me crazy until I said F-it, got to be the ecu and bought another tuned pcm from "pcm for less" and it fixed the problem....what a pita chasing down ecu issues so, if all else fails; I'll start with a new ecu and work from there.....wish me luck.