odds and ends for sale for 84-85

Lee Thompson

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Stock 84-85 TB --no sensors, but does have the vacuum block--$25 shipped
2 each--Great condition original 84-85 turbo drain tubes---$30 each shipped
3 each--AC Delco TPS sensors ( just hooked up direct scan and checked them--GOOD) $ 25 each shipped
3 each--crank sensors--have no way of testing $ 20 each or all 3 for $50
Still digging through STUFF, more later.
Thanks for looking.
Are you changing intake manifolds? I think you probably have MAXED out you current setup and intercooled is really the only way to go. Keep us informed of your progress. I am also going intercooled. I have a 87 intake that I am going to mod up. I bought a spearco that was modded to run like a 86-87. Thank you for making BELIEVER'S out of all of us.... :cool:

Thanks for all your years of research & developement and for giving all of us in the hot air world insperation when everyone said our cars would never run fast without an intercooler. I understand that you have probably gone to the limit of your set up and like any avid racer have the need to go faster. Sorry for being a hopeless dreamer but I wish you would have just retired the old icon and gotten another car to intercool. Anyway thanks again for carrying the torch and I hope others will continue where you left off and keep the speed coming (none intercooled of coarse). Good luck!!!
Thanks for being our "Hotair Champion" all these years Lee :)
I hear speculation but Id like to know from you, what was it that finally made you decide to go intercooled?
Also curious, are you going with the 86/87 setup or adding a intercooler to what you currently have?


Yes I do, I originally posted 3 for sale and since have found a NEW one--now have 4.
Sorry don't do paypal
Mo or check.
As Im sure most people on this discussion forum would agree, if it wasnt for Lee, I would have never had as much fun fooling with these cars, learning how they work, and all the tricks to make these puppies fly. In one way or another, either directly or indirectly, Lee has helped us all.

Thanks Lee, and call me when you swap, I'd like to help.