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Jun 2, 2002
TB Guys & gals ( also you ricers & ford guys that hang out here.)

If you are young & the DMD suggests to get your whiz teeth removed. DO IT when you are young & on your parents dime.

Don't wait & pay the piper later on like me.
The EXCRUCIATING PAIN that I am having this past week, Plus lack of sleep.
All from having one impacted-cracked- infected whiz tooth is awful.

The bad part about waiting till you are older is the longer healing time.

The other bad part is the co$t. $700 per tooth removal x 4
plus periodontal work at 2k.

With that $$ I could have bought another TB. :(
I have 2 more days to find out till they pull it.
I am not sure if I will be getting NOS or Alky injection. :D

Whatever General Anesthesia is.
I can't drive according to DMD.
Just had mine removed Monday. No pain at all during the surgery. 8 hrs later I wanted to kill the oral surgeon. I'm finally starting to feel better now. When you get it done you can forget about doing anything for a couple of days. Good luck!
I'm 20 and just had mine out a few months ago, let me tell you what...that surgeon is lucky I was out of it or he'd have gotten hit. They pulled all 4 and told me that when my fingers and toes got numb, I should tell them to shut off the NOS. Well, smart 'ol me remembered my best friend waking up during his and I don't ever want to hear that scream again, so I waited until I couldn't feel my legs or arms and my vision got blurry :D When I was done they told me to lay down for about an hour and then I could go home.

Needless to say, 3 hours passed and I still couldn't stand on my own, my dad had to carry me into the house and I felt like a million bucks....until it wore off during the night and I hadn't taken my pain pills yet. It sucks for about 2 weeks after you get them out, but the pain is worth it never to have to feel those little bastards trying to poke throught the gums again!

god bless technology!
Mine are making their presence known, Every once in a while they start to hurt a bit. I know by the x-rays that they are laying down but already used up the dental benefits on crowns this year.

Still waiting for the hospital bills for the kidney stones episode, not sure how much insurance will pay for it.

Will have to watch the movie NOVACAINE again before I get mine done. Steve Martin is in it and plays a dentist who gets himself into a lot of trouble and is very inventive at getting out of it. That scene will make you cringe. It is playing on Showtime currently.
The regular pain from the surgery to take mine out was NOTHING. Even ibuprofen took care of that. 2 or 3 days later when I forgot about the ordeal and make the mistake of trying to drink a thick drink through a straw, the blood clot let loose. That was pretty gross but not painful. A day after that, was a whole new kind of pain (since the nerves were exposed to air for the first time in their lives). Even the percocets they prescribed didn't phase it at all. Whatever you do, follow the advice of the doc about not smoking, drinking from straws, etc.
I thought they grew in during your 20's and that's it. If they cleared the other teeth you were good to go and be a chicken. ;)

Once in place they don't move I hope, mine are up and crowded but not rotting as of yet. :D

Hope they don't shift or become a problem now. :eek:

On a side note got my first cavity today during my cleaning. :(

Actually not a rotting cavity a crack in the incisor from stess.

Still needs some epoxy on it, or bondo....

I told the dental assistant prepare to hear screaming when they start drilling. Got a nice hug for that line. :D

Nowhere near the pain of ripping one out however. Hope that day don't come anytime soon.
Had mine out when I was 18. They gave me liquid valium. I didn't feel a thing. Later when the drugs wore off I was in pain but worse than that was the pain killer. Davorcet made me depressed and I hated eveything. Only took it one day then thew them away. I ended up loosing a stich a week later drinking a beer at a party.
Now adays they premed to keep the swelling down. My stepdaughter had her wisdom teeth out and did great. She didn't swell up much at all and tylonal was all she needed. Good luck on Friday Steve...
Beware of getting a dry socket. They are PAINFULL.
Mine came in during my late teens. My dentist at the time said I had plenty of room, so he let them grow in. Ended up crowding my lower teeth. They haven't given me any problems until my current dentist said I have a small cavity in each upper. I have them scheduled to be pulled in early Feb:eek: :eek: :eek: .
Originally posted by Pronto
Had mine out when I was 18. I hated everything.

Yeah you were a mean SOB hyped up 18 year old back then :D
of course I was not to far behind you LOL!
The shzit we pulled at 18 wouldn't fly today.

MARK I hear you about those BENEFITS.
They cover about 1/2 of anything.

I was trying to close out the year with perio work so next year I could get more coverage for the wizz teeth.

No I had to reverse everything because of the jaw & pulsating pain that shoots all over.
It was so bad I want to go out to the garage & pull all my teeth with pliers.
Or go out & find a fight & let someone haul off & smack me off the side of the face.
I am sure I could get a few volunteers on-board here that would love to do that :eek:
I guess I was lucky before. I had one out, upper right. The bottoms had room. I am going to have to get the upper left taken out soon.
The one he pulled, he numbed me up really good and just yanked it out.
Wouldnt give me anything for pain. Told me to take advil. Worked great, Took my 2 days off in the middle of the week, I was fine when I came back.
Oddly enough, I am now allergic to tylenol after that. Advil was making me sick, so I tried tylenol, and everything swelled up and I had an allergic reaction to it. I was always able to take it before???
I am just glad my dental plan covers this.
I am dreading this other one though. it might have to be surgically removed, since it is coming in crooked.
The hardest part for me, is that I have a tendency to gag easily. As long as I am numbed up pretty good, the drills and stuff dont bother me. But I just gag all the time, which makes it really tough.
Most dental coverage for surgury will pay more if it's done in the hospital but that's usually for broken jaws. At least you have some coverage, I have none (cheap boss). Luckily my wife works for a dentist and I get my work done for free. My son though will need to have his wisdom teeth out this spring and that will be out of my pocket.
Crowded teeth??

Down here in these parts we have no problems w/ wisdoms crowding the other teeth... By 20 yrs all the others have fallen out!!:D :D :p

What a bunch of pussies!!!:D
Of all the dentists one would stay away from, I had mine out while I was in the USAF...Talk about low rent quality of care!!:eek: :eek:
My story isn't pain and gloom. I was put out when the removed all 4 of mine. I went home and went to sleep. I took Tylenol III for 1 day then never took it again. By the 2nd day I was eating Funyons and a Hamburger. By the 3rd day I pulled out some stitches and it bled a little, but it healed just fine. The only thing that worried me was my zipper was partway down after the teeth removal! :eek:
Wisdom teeth suck!!! I got mine pulled about 10yrs ago (I was 21). Besides all of them being impacted, I had the extreme pleasure of having two extra wisdom teeth. The dental assistant called them bonus teeth. Obviously I was thrilled:rolleyes:. After I woke up I couldn't lie down because I was bleeding so much and didn't want to swallow all the blood. A week after that I moved to Va (from Pa) for my last college co-op. The first day there I broke a stitch and then I ended up w/ dry sockets that took the rest of the year (six months) to heal. My face turned all types of funny, blue, purple, yellow. I was happy when it was over.


I guess I was lucky. I had all 4 removed 2 years ago and the oral surgeon was great. There was almost no pain at all. I was injected so I was completely knoecked out. I woke up thinking that they didn't even start yet since it seemed like I was asleep for less than a minute. The nurse came and said "you're done". I made her show me my old teeth to prove it.
You have to be extreamly carefull of bleeding. A girl that I worked with in high school had her wisdom teeth out on a Friday and ended up bleeding to death in the ambulance on the way to the hospital the next day. We worked in the kitchen of the hospital that she was sent to. It was quite a surprise and very sad for it to happen.
I had my wisdom teeth pulled last year, and instead of being put under for the surgery, I opted for local anaesthetic (Novocain) instead. By doing this, you can save some money, and you are not groggy from being put to sleep when it is over. The surgery was quick, and I didn't feel a thing from it... then as soon as it was over I went to the pharmacy got my pain pills and took them.

On a side note, I found that Percocet made me irritable (which is pretty much the opposite effect that is causes on everyone else), so I ended up only taking the pills the same day as the surgery and toughing it out for the rest of the healing process. Then again only 2 and half months earlier I had broken my lower jaw, so the pain from having my wisdom teeth removed was nothing in comparison, anyhow.
i had all 4 of my pulled at the same time with just novacane. the first 3 came right out but the last one was a bitch. not to bad though, just a whole lot of tugging and pulling going on.i guess i was pretty lucky. caust me i think about 200 to 250 a tooth.:eek: