Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them


Scaring the neighbors!
May 24, 2001
A New York police officer was arrested Wednesday in Queens by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after he discussed cooking and eating female body parts, according to a criminal complaint.
The evidence against the officer, a six-year veteran of the New York Police Department, consists of e-mails and instant messages in which he was “discussing plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat body parts of a number of women,” according to the complaint against the officer, Gilberto Valle.

WTF?? Someone needs to explain to him that it's 'Protect and Serve' not 'Dissect and Serve'. :confused:
Dissect and serve! I like it. I wonder how he was going to prepare them?

Should be "dissect & skewer".
I've always preferred my women at 98.6.
Well, maybe a little hotter.
Hmm.. I wonder if he was going to serve the dish with a nice Chianti and fava beans or keep it all to himself. Dunno what you do with a guy like this - he's clearly f'ed up and should never be allowed to work KP duty in prison..
I'd prefer to just feed my

Bruce '87 Grand National