OGS Propane Customer Service SuKKS.


I have been trying to get a hold of OGS for the past 3 weeks emails and calls no replies, you cant even leave a message on their answering system because it hangs up on you before you even get to speak, worst customer service ever IMO, I have a propane system that came with the car i bought and the propane bottle is defective, i need to ethier 1- have it replace by a good one, or 2- at least be directed to a place where i can buy a new bottle that is small like the one the system uses, everywhere i go they only have the huge bottles and cannot find this small size bottle that fits in the trunk, when they tried filling up the bottle at the propane station it wouldn't take any propane at all, not even .2 pounds nothing,nada, bear in mind tank has never ever been used or filled so they tried purging it and still nothing, conclusion was defective tank, so now i am stuck with a propane system with no god damn tank to use it with.. this blows..