Oh so close....power wire question


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Amp is all in, all speakers hooked up, everything...except the power wire. I ran it down the passenger side of the interior but couldn't decide on a place to drill through the firewall. I don't have a good light (which really really sucks) and I know there's a place where the power antenna wires feed through to that fender. I can't seem to find that hole. Could you guys give me a hint as to the location of a good place to run it through?
Drivers Side

Look on the Drivers side, theres a factory gromet there (well on my 83 Regal anyways) that should work. I always like to use factory holes. As far as the pasenger side goes, I'm not sure, on my 83 theres a gromet for the computer...
On my cutlass and my monte i ran 4 guage wire though the gromet that also feeds the cruise control cables through the firewall. I know a cutlass has the battery on the driver side and i'd think a regal with a 307 is the same. My monte was on the passenger side but all i did is run the wire right along a ac line that goes across the fan shroud. And the cruise control enters the fire wall right under the brake boster. After that i ran the wire behind the fuse box inside the kick panel, then there is a little slot in the plastic under the sill plate that the wire fits in nicely, under the back seat and into the trunk.
I'm confused..

You with the Cutlass. Why would you run your power cable accross the fan shroud????!!!! Wouldn't it just be easier and safer to run it along the fire wall, the proper way? I have 4 gauge too, and I ran mine neatly along the firewall... Just a tip
well if you are familiar with how a 305 is in a Monte carlo, there is a line that runs right across the tops of the fan shroud out of harms way and i also cable tied it to the line. I tried the other way but barely had enough wire to get to the back and running it the way i did gave me the extra length i needed. the main thing is that is totally out of the way since it is already connected to a line that is gonna be there anyway.
I did get it guys...thanks though, took my power antenna wiring, cut it, soldered the wires to my power wire, wrapped it up and pulled through from the engine compartment. Right into the passenger fender. (ps, I shaved my power antenna back in March when I did the paint job so the wires were useless.