Oil filter size

I think it's the AC PF-52 & its cross-reference sizes. I could be wrong though.

Just because a filter is bigger does not mean it will filter better. It will add capacity, but not for sure filter better.
I would not buy the PF-52 just because I got burned when I ordered them from Summit. I ordered 10, and only one of the 10 was a quality filter. The other 9 were those mystery counterfeit or produced by a cheaper vendor/factory. I unknowingly put one of those lesser quality ones on my GN and got a tapping noise upon startup... changed it to another brand filter and the tapping noise disappeared right away. There is a thread somewhere in this forum talking about the new lesser quality PF-52 filters.

Go with the Mobil 1 M-201. I havent heard any complaints about those except for the price.

Or you can get any filter designed to fit a 1996 Impala SS and it will be the same size as a PF-52.