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I was just curious what everyone is running for a rear, how much they paid (new or used). I am in the market for my rear and have heard a few do's and don'ts. I have heard not to get an alluminum center section, and i have been told for 1100 hp levels that i should get a rear that has the rear brace welded accross the back of the housing. I have also been told that c-clip eliminators are not streetable, but that there is a new kind that are....thanks for the info..:)
Rear Ends

I have purchased a Currie bolt in 9 inch for my car.
I ened up selling it to Chris Chow. He put it in his
9.17 3300lbs TR.

It had the following options
-35 spline axels
-billet pinion support
-Willwood disc brakes
-large bearing case
-detriot locker

It has over 50 9second passes with no problems.
If I had to purchase again I would have a spool
not the locker. The locker was like a $700 option
I live in CA so I had to pay tax too. I think the
total was in the $3300 range. With a spool and
drum brakes your should be in the $2300 range
with disks I would expect $2500 to $2700.
Check with Chris Alston, Moser and Mark Williams.
Mark Willaims is a littel pricy, but I am told the best.

The back bracing is a good idea, though Chris's
car went 1.35 60s with out it.

Ford bearing ends have 4 bolt and do not have
C clips, so eliminators are not an issue.
They can be a real pain in the ass. I have two out
of three friends with mustangs have to try and seal
leaking rears several times. My 8.5 had issues that
last time. Not sure now since the car has not run in 6
months =(
Mine is going together right now. I got a Moser 9" housing, 35 spline axles, and a spool for about $850. I picked up a stock Ford centersection with 3.50 gears and was hoping to use that, but ended up doing a trade deal for an aftermarket (Moser) iron chunk that's already set up for the big bearings/axles. The brakes are 3rd gen F-body stuff. If I were paying cash for the center section and the brakes it would have been about an additional $1k. My housing does not have the back brace.
Same here, Moser kit with Ford housing, 35-spline, spool, center section, Richmond pro gears, pinion support, Wilwood, etc., no rear bracing. This was a few years ago, and it tallied close to $2K. No worries.

Art Freeman
DTS built mine 35's,nodular center,spool,back brace,discs,spool,fill and drain plugs complete and painted ready to install shipped $2800
I've always been told I have a nice rear. It really depends on what pants I wear. I've had mine since I was born and didn't pay a dime for it. Hope I've been of help :D :cool:
OK here's what i've heard and what i'm going to order. Moser Ford 9", alluminum center section regular iron gears (389 ratio) 35 spline gun drilled axels, and rear support brace. I was told not to order the pro gears if the car is going to be street driven at all because they are made soft to flex more during hard launches which causes them to wear out very quickly with street use.