OK, lets hear from people that have been of a jury


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Dec 9, 2002
I've been on 2. First was in MA. Wise ass punk sues 7/11 for pain and suffering for a gunshot to the knee. He and bunch of his buddies regularly shoplifted at a 7/11. They harrased the clerk until he got so mad he punched out of work for the night, went home and got a rifle, came back to the store pariking lot and shot the punk in the knee. He went to jail for that. The punk wanted compensation for the injury from the 7/11. Well the clerk had punched out so 7/11 really wasn't responsible. After a bunch of back and forth bs the attorney for 7/11 offered a number and the defense took it. Now when I had come into the building I shared the elevator with the punk and 2 of his cohorts. Aholes joking and fooling around. He was walking fine and saying he was going to get money. When he went up the stand he's limping and wincing in pain. If it had gone to us I would have given him 1 cent for compensation.
NH is different. You go on jury duty for the whole month. Each Monday you go in and wait in the jury pool to see if they need you during the week. I've done this twice. First time they didn't need me any week. Next time I got a case of 20 year old that used a chat room to lure a "kid" to have sex. The "kid" was a cop from Keene that is famous for trolling for fools looking for sex with underage boys. I made it thourgh the process and was on the jury. Second day the guy took a plea arrangement.

Both times the jury pool was made up of all kinds of people but most were older and white. From the people I talked to they were educated and respectful of the court. Nobody wanted to be there but all accepted the responsibility to do the right thing. They talked to us about that. We had booklets to read about how the court worked and stuff. Both the defense and prosecutors had a chance to talk to us and ask us all kinds of questions to see if someone was biased. Some got canned right away. Others got on like I did. I would have liked to have done the sex case but didn't get the chance. It would have been interesting to see the process. There was lots of media there and nobody was too fond of getting all the publicity since this was one of the first cases brought on by that Keene cop. Either way I believe jury I was on was willing to take our job seriously.

So for my times that I have been called for jury duty I can honestly say the people that were there were not idiots. In fact many were very proud to be doing there civic duty. That's my story who else got to be on a jury?

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Been called several times but only served on one. A Petit Court Jury in TX. The case was public drunkenness. Basically some old boy mouthed off to a constable in a bar and he wrote him a citation. I guess since the bar is a public place he was technically right.

We figured that we'd rather have the constable out on the street getting those that were real threats so we let him go.

Constable followed me for a week every time I got off work.