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Junior Boost-Head
Feb 12, 2004
I'm trying to work on this 'new' Buick. Let me know if you guys have parts that you'd lilke to get out of the garage/closet/trunk... Aloha!

Call me or pm me. Thanks!:D
i have...
fp guage.. goes on the end of the fuel rail..
a boost command boost controller
i thats pretty much all
What do you want for it? The FP gauge?
The Boost Commander sounds too complicated for my small brain.:tongue:
Yes Rob, the wifey actually bought it for me for my birthday.
It's absolutely stock right now. I just installed a scanmaster, ordered
a fuel pump, hotwire kit, everything else is stock! So let me know what you guys have....ALoha!
sorry i dont check this much.. i paid 15 plus shipping... so 15 is fine.. its used but works.. i also have.. a testpipe with a dump..... the boost commander is a in car boost counroller hooks up to the computer has a few like 4 or 5 wires.. i also have the under radio guage pod.. kinda rough has a hold for a toggle can have it for 5 bucks if you like.. i have some kinda rough stock injectors... and a fuel pump 190 or 255 not sure looked up the numvers onoine said it was a 255

ill lok around for anuthing else i have...

get back to me at
email- mybuicksfaster@aol.com

dunno why i wasnt getting the reply things