Old School meets New - Supercharged LSA/4L85E into Grand National

Yep, these mounts still had another 1" to go rearwards if I lost the AC, but this is supposed to be my civilized car :cool:

I am doing a similar build.
Did the ZL1 intercooler hat clear the hood?
Yes, I did this already. Send me a PM and I'll point you to the cheapest GM dealer I found - much better than many out there. I think the ZL1 lid was $271, and the cover was something like $140.

Thanks, Shev!


I'm needing the red cover also for an LSA going in my '71 Chevelle. I've tried the dealer I purchased the package from and he was able to order me the lid but the cover still seems to be on backorder. Let me know what source you might have for that part.
Hi Carl,

oegmparts.com was my source for this.

No other updates as I have been really busy with other stuff this summer - hope to get back in the garage this weekend and resume the project.