Olds FE3X Black Cutlass Hybrid reply


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Just replying to the black cutlass hybrid from back in July,Here are some pics of my Olds FE3X Darth Vader II Prototype and some of the original Darth Vader I, These G Bodys are the Ultimate G Bodies ever built period! The next closest G Body is the GNX, the only down fall of the car was its 200hp rated 307 V8,,not bad for its day and same rating as the 85 GN,,,the car was dyno and rated 225 hp at the rear wheels, very respectable once again, but sure would of been great to have GNX power.. :) checkout the websites below for more info and pics
Angelo Valenti
Valenti/OSV Concepts


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More pics,,,enjoy


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Way cool. I love your 94 Cutlass 442. Very nice work.
This is the first time I hear of the FE3X, that's one hot car; makes me want to get get a 442 real quick!