On the hunt - 86-87 GN 'nother new guy


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Nov 4, 2013
Hi guys, I'm Tori and i've been shopping for a GN for several months now. I'm in California and have my eye on an '86 that i found a few months ago. The seller and i disagreed on price and there were some issues with the car that he seems to be in denial about. The car was on a consignment lot and i never actually got to speak with him, just correspond via email.

Anyway, a little about me: I've been a car guy for the past 27 years. Had several collector cars and built a few hot rods. I work at an auto repair shop (not as a professional tech) but i do work on all my own junk. I even recently sold one of my collector cars to make garage space and free up a few $ in prep for a GN

I'm wanting to find a very clean, straight, perfect interior car. Stock is preferred since it will have to pass CA. emissions and i don't know yet what i can get away with and still be smog legal. (maybe someone can advise me on those details) The car will be my cruiser, and will not be expected to be the fastest thing on the road. I've just been playing with mirco cars for too long and it's time to step back into a fullsize and ruin a few tires.

I expect to have the car at my work this friday and will do a full inspection on it, i've downloaded the PDF GN buyer guide, so will give that a look.

I've just started reading the advise others have been given, and am learning alot. BTW, this car is solid roof except for a sunroof. I'm not pleased by that, but at least it's not a T-Top car.

I do have a few questions about options. I know about the RPO decal, and the options listed, but what were the major options for the cars ? I've seen 3 different instrument panels, 85mph/140mph/Digital. Any input on those ? What about wheel options, was it just the two ? Steel vs. Alum. or were the Alum. strictly GNX ?
Were there different consoles ? I've seen a few radio options, and whats the deal on horn buttons ? Seems i've seen a couple styles of those as well ?

Thanks for any advise, and thanks for reading thru all that babble if you've managed to get this far. ;)
Where in Cal do you live? Might want to take someone knowledgeable to look at it. Let us know your questions.

Welcome to the site and happy spooling.:)
Mike Barnard
Live in Pismo Beach. Had a good talk with Reggie this morning, and he answered a lot of questions. Now that you mention it, I do know an old co-worker that has a GN and a T-type, I'll see if he can meet up with me when I look at the car. He is a tech also, so he knows a thing or two about a thing or two.
I've seen 3 different instrument panels, 85mph/140mph/Digital.

The analog 85mph was the standard one. The digital dashboard was an option but I'm not sure on what years.

The 140 and 145 panels are overlays for the standard panel. You'll need to get your speedometer retuned to match the new layout. I got the 140 from below. There's a bunch of options on the page and you can reverse the colors.


There's also the GNX dash conversion with round gauges and similar style aftermarket ones with room for more gauges. Nice if you want everything in front of you and don't want them scattered around.

I like the 140mph one because it looks very much like the old 85mph one I had on my Ciera and 6000 as a teenager and I didn't feel comfortable not having an accurate speedometer at the track.

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks T, I didn't realize the GNX had such a departure on the orig cluster. I like the 140 update. I talked to a guy a few months ago selling a car and claimed his car came with the 140 as a special order from the factory. Truth or b.s. ?
I've only owned mine for a month and am still just learning but I believe BS. Some one else more familiar can correct me.

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BS they all came with an 85 mph speedo. Digital or Analog.

The GNX had Stewart Warner gauges from the factory and that was a 140mph speedo.
Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Here's another question for you all: I test drove a GN today, and noticed the steering wheel isn't centered with the seating position. Is this normal ? Are all the cars like this ?
The seat is most likely bent to the side. Most of these I've been in have a lean toward the middle of the car.
Well, it looks like i've found myself a GN. I'll be buying 1987GNASTROROOF's car within the next few weeks. Gotta make time, and plans to drive it back from FL. to CA. Was planning on making a road trip post, but can't decide which forum section to post it under, any suggestions ?