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Feb 21, 2006
I spoke to a few of you guys about my son and Jr. Dragster. Alot of good advise was givin' and I want to say thanks!

Here are some pictures of my son and his first win this year. Keep in mind he has only been doing this for about 2 months (8 races or so). He's been close many times but finally got it. He is killer on his lights. Many 007's and the worst was an 040. When he reds, he normally gets -002 or -009. Not bad for first year. Id like to thank the Porta Tree for that.

He blew the motor on this winning pass, so we need to rebuild and get back to the track next saturday. Hopefully he can end this year with a few more trophys. He also ended the year 5th in points for his class, in the points series.

OH well, just wanted to share.


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Quiky One said:
Cool. Are all those enclosed trailers for that event?!?!?!

That trailer belongs to the the kid on the left. Those trailers only fit the old style Jr.s. Ours wont fit in one of them. The car is to long, 14 foot, and those trailers are only 10 foot.
VERY cool!
Thanks for sharing. Put a smile on my face. :biggrin:
Very awesome! He looks very proud and I'm sure you are too! :cool: Thanks for sharing! I bet he can't wait to get his hands on that GN! Congrats!!
Thanks guys. Just got the motor back and its not as bad as we thought. We'll be ready for this coming Saturday. The best thing is , we dont push him to do well. He just has a nack for it. He was so proud ( as where we) when he won. He drove up the return lane giving thumbs up while smoke was pooring out the back of the car. :eek: It was a funny sight but worth every penny to rebuild.

He'll get his hands on the GN all in good time. A good time for me would be ...............when I die so I cant watch him hurt the car!! :biggrin: Thanks again!