open/close loop


when car is fully warmed up to operating temps will ecm stay in closed loop all the time or will it change to open loop at times? (while @ idle or cruising)
At idle, it depends on what chip. For example, stock chip will idle in closed loop. TurboTweak will run in open loop for smoother idle and throttle response.
Engine is warming up- open loop.
Engine reaches operating temp- closed loop (reading sensors).
Cruising- closed loop.
Wide open throttle- open loop.
When you've shut the engine off, and restarted...for the next few minutes after restart-open loop.
Ive noticed that mine doesnt need to go all the way to WOT..all I have to do is get in a few pounds of boost and its in open loop.
With the extender chip, you can choose open loop or closed loop idle. If you need to go with open loop just to get it to idle ok, then your engine has problems. I didnt realize this till I had owned the car for a couple years and had gone back and forth alot between open and closed loop at idle. I noticed it ran better in open loop, so I had it there for awhile. Once I had replaced all wear items like every vacuum hose, replaced the intake gasket (made a massive difference cause that stamped steel crap will never seal right), replaced and adjusted as many sensors as I could, and alot of little details (EGR, EGR solenoid and filter, charcoal canister purge solenoid ((mine was sticking and didnt even know it)), check valves...made my own replacements from brass fittings, ball bearings and they seal right under boost....lots of little stuff. Now I run idle in normal closed loop.