opinion on alky kit

Sorry, didn't mean to confuse you with the Razor and Julio stuff. I sometimes forget not everybody has been around here as long as I have. ;)

As far as Snow, they are big with the turbo Mustang crowd but as far as I know they never done anything specific for our cars. It was more like a universal setup you had to adapt to your car. No where near as user friendly as the Alkycontrol kit.

P.S., If you do decide to go with Razor's kit make sure you let him know you found him on this board. that way he'll know his support of this board pays off.
I sure will thank again
I have Julio's kit and it is top notch and so is his support for his system and the Turbo Buick community. My neighbor helped me install mine (I'm colorblind) and when I came upon a question I called Julio and Julio answered the phone and resolved my stupidity! That impressed both of us.

I know you are looking to save money so I ask how much is piece of mind worth to you?
I started out with a SMC kit. I talked to Steve, the guy who makes the kits and he was very helpful and informative. The kit worked great and I was impressed by how much boost I could run with it. As I ran more and more boost a problem started coming on. When my SMC kit came on boost stopped and then slowly built back up to where the max pressure was set. This kit was not 'Progressive'. At this time SMC didn't have a progressive kit and AlkyControl wasn't around yet....yeah I've been here a while. I delt with this problem by reducing the amount of boost I'd run which let me spray less alky-water mixture. The SMC kit was not rated to use 100% methanol and the rush of alky/water needed to quench 26 psi bogged the engine. With boost turned down to 18-20psi the bog was less and so there I ran. Along comes this ALKYCONTROL guy with a 'Progressive' kit. Dam thats just what the doctor ordered. I sold my SMC and purchased the Alkycontrol unit and you'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it away from me. The Alkycontrol kit was also built specifically for the Buick Turbo V6 engine and it has been adapted to run on many platforms BUT it was BUILT for OUR cars. Julio had an 89' TTA so he was all to familiar with the Buick Turbo V6. Its hard to recommend anything else when there is a kit that works so well that was built specifically for your application. Should you ever get the chance to meet Julio you'll also see that is a really cool guy and will go out of his way to help you out with tech support and info. Give him a call before you make up your mind. When I was using the SMC kit Steve was posting on this site and giving support but I haven't seen him here in years....YEARS. Julio is one of the board's top posters.