Orange County Horsepower meet and cruise

use the clothes line method

If its dry its sunny
If its wet its raining
If its gone its a tornado
If its laying on the ground its a earthquake
Might want to look into fixing your entry for directions and / or location.

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That's why I sent you a PM asking for a cross street reference. Not everybody is familiar enough with the Irvine Spectrum area to know where Target is off of Exposition.
Just a thought.
We stopped along highway 1 to regroup at Crystal Cove...something about having over 100 juiced up cars parked illegally on the shoulder made a few cops show up.;)
I saw a couple guys getting talked to after everyone fled and at least one group was getting ticketed.

I had been sitting there, but had to take a piss, so I pulled out and went back to a the time I got back, everyone was pulled off the shoulder and leaving other than the few who got roped by the cops.

I didn't see any cops at the Spectrum....but a few guys were ripping donuts out in the parking lot, so wouldn't surprise me if a couple of Irvine's finest showed up after I left.
On one PCH cruise we got split up in NB so we pulled into a business complex parking lot to regroup, we were the only cars there. And a rent-a-cop came up and chased us out.

The guys doing burn outs are gonna get us kicked out of the Spectrum. There were some doing that at the Jan meet there.

Guys hot rodding on bikes got us car guys kicked out of Sonic for a year or so.
I hear ya.

The cruise and show n shine were pretty good other than the clowns ripping donuts.

Ralph, his brother and I were the only 2 Grand Nationals there, but Beto and a few other Turbo Buick faithful showed up in a non-turbo Buick carpool.

There were a lot of real nice rides.
Some real impressive Stangs from the Orange County Horsepower forum.
pics from a friend, looks fun







it was a nice cruise lots of cars had a great time, Gallo vicioso good talking to you it was nice to see Pete there and beto...
Several times during the cruise, I could look in all directions and find a potential kill.:cool:
I felt like I was at the buffet table....what to eat first....:biggrin:


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