Pac-man wins!!! Again

8 time champion the best there is and the best ther ever will be manny306.jpg it should have been stoped in the 11th the guy did not stand a chance against the little pac-man
Yeah i saw that way to go pac-man.

It's supposed to be his last fight.

Mayweather will probably wait for between 3 to 5 years of him being out of the fight game before he starts running his mouth to try to draw him out of retirement and into a fight with him,thinking that might give him an advantage.
hello people; I was very interested in watching the fight but I was too cheap to spring for the pay per view.
Pac-Man's opponent had the height and weight advantage. Here's something a co-worker told me and that is that Pac's opponent was cumming off a 2 or 3 year suspension for having something illegal in his gloves. LOOSER.
Did anyone see the fight?
the original Pac Man would eat this guy alive- especially if he was running around in a maze dressed up in a ghost costume that was blinking blue..
I still think pac used steroids at some point. Refusing a dope test kinda makes him seem guilty. Steroids are not illegal in his home land
I don't think he even knows what they are. Look how little he always seems to be. If he was on the juice he would get bigger at some point. He says all the time that he wants to stay the same size so he can stay FAST. This last fight he said over and over he wanted to stay at 145 for his speed.