Pan spacer


May 24, 2001
Does anyone know where to get the pan spacer that allows the use of the 700 filter.
From what i understand, thats an Art Carr piece. I just had my tranny done by Jimmy up in Mundeline, thats what he uses, give him a shout, im sure he can set u up. Somewhere around 60 buks i think.
How do you like your trans. I have been thinking about letting him do it. Thats how I found out about the use of a spacer.
The trans is great, no problems whatsoever. It was done on time, when promised, no wasted money on shipping or time lost on freight. Also, if hes "out of stock" on a certain part, he's streight w/ you. Unlike others ive run across :( He can do whatever you want, if u want billet, he can get it, u want a super servo ?? no problem. I had him build me a Super Street tranny w/ a Super Servo and a Precision Vigilantee 3200 single disc. And all this comes with a 1 yr warranty too :D Tell him i sent you, im sure he'd like to hear that :cool: