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Dec 27, 2007
When I did my frame off on my GN, I replaced all the e-brake cables. Now with everything hooked back up again, I had a steady brake light on the dash. Looking online suggested it might be the ebrake itself and I went down to the ebrake and I see that the copper end sticking down on the lever never can touch the ebrake when released, and obviously goes in the other direction when engaged. I didn't do anything with this when I replaced the cables. I tried bending the copper down (I'm assuming that completes a ground and shuts off the light) but can't get it that far. I tried loosening the screw that holds it in place thinking it might allow me to rotate the copper thing, but it doesn't want to rotate. I put in a short jumper wire to go from the copper piece to where it should touch, and that doesn't do anything to the light either! Finally I pulled the lead off and the light goes off. But now I'm assuming I'll have no light on when I do use the ebrake. Any thoughts from the turbo buick gurus on what's happening?


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Switch is shorted internally (but visible) need to bend the tab away where the black plastic is on the bottom of the switch.
The ground is at the screw mounting point so the tab has to move away from the other copper piece to turn the light off.
Take an ohmmeter to each piece of copper and move the tab so there is no short between the mounting screw copper tab and the bottom bendable tab, wire not connected key OFF test.
Then when you get no short with the brake switch OFF, make the tab short the two points only when the brake switch is in the ON postiion.
I'm sorry but I'm not really understanding this. My issue is I don't see how pressing the emergency brake pedal does anything to the current position of the switch. When the brake is off, the copper tab doesn't touch the arm, and depressing the pedal moves it further away. How does pushing the pedal activate anything in this switch? Sorry for needing more explanation.
Not sure if these will help you showing how the tab is bent, but first you have to un-short your switch internally.
I would source a new or used part that should have the proper setup to bolt in and work with your parking brake assembly.
They're cheap; I have one today coming in by end of day for ~$6. But I'm still not sure how the device works if the ebrake isn't touching it before you push on it. But I don't have to understand it if replacing makes the light go away!
The part that pivots with the cable end attached to it is supposed to hit the metal tab on the switch from what I could see.
The tab on the switch is near the rounded top back part of that slotted assembly.
That part probably works on a lot of cars non-turbo as well so it should be cheap good luck!
Well, problem sort of solved. Issue is that the spring release doesn't force the pedal back all the way out. If you pull the e-brake pedal w/your toe out after pulling the release, it will cause the mechanism to come into contact with the sensor and bend it under tension. I don't imagine I'll be using the e-brake that much--I'll just have to remember to pull it out with my foot upon release of the cable. There appear to be a couple of springs inside the mechanism, but they seem to be hooked up as far as I can see. I guess they're just weak from time.