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Comp Cams solid lifters $240 plus shipping (never run, just used for mock up)

14 Bolt chrome deep sump oil pan $225 plus the ride (BRAND NEW)

High volume timing cover $175 plus shipping (NEW)

Canadian Instrument cluster SOLD

Good used Pro gear double rolling timing chain. Used for 2 months (no track time) I change this every year regardless of use for preventive maintenance $80 shipped

2 Aeromotive fuel filters. The silver one was used pre fuel pump, the Red one was used after before the fuel rail. Silver one is pitted on the outside housing from being under the car if your picky about that sort of thing. Red one is spotless. The inside where the fuel filter is is brand new. Both have new fuel filters in them. Comes with fittings #12 on silver one and #10 on red one. $150 shipped.

3.90 Richmond Gear for stock rear end, used in great shape $150 shipped

RJC power plate for a Precision upper on a stock intake $50 shipped

Stock elbow with dump on it for $60 shipped

70GTQ tangentle exh housing with fender dump and 02 bung .85a/r $130 shipped Or cut the dump pipe and make a real downpipe from it. This is great for anyone looking to convert there 3 bolt turbo into a 4 bolt turbo.

RJC pullies Package deal of $400 for everything, OR I will only separate the black anodized pullies separate (crank, idler, alt with nut and chrome fan) for $280 BRAND NEW NEVER USED!!
the waterpump and pwr steering pulley for $150. BRAND NEW NEVER USED!!

Buick Motorsports diff cover. SOLD
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Do the tach & boost gauge work properly on the cluster? You content with $125 Canadian? I'm in the T.O area this weekend if all goes well.

Yes the tach and boost guage worked properly when it was pulled out. $140 Canadian and its yours. pm me if your interested