Passenger remote mirror

The housings are the same so it could technically be done. Why do you need to do this, is yours damaged or are you just trying to convert your manual one to remote operation?
To do it you would have to spread apart the crimped ends where the cables are at the lever in the dash and then re crimp once the cables are run though the mirror housing you intend to use. If you do try it make sure to mark the three cables to know where they belong at the lever and make sure you get them back in the same places or it will be a pain to adjust from inside the car.

In my opinion it's not worth using the remote mechanism since they seem get loose and become very susceptible to vibration and therefore hard to see out of unless your car runs silky smooth at all speeds. I went the other way and put manual internals in a remote housing for that reason.
hello people; Hijack. 86T here but are the passenger mirrors the same on a GN to a T-type? My remote controlled mirror got taken off going thru a car wash and has been taped up since. I usually don't do a car wash but I was lazy that day. The car wash has a body shop they recommend for this situation but they can't find a mirror. I was thinking of just going to a manual mirror but what do you mean by manual internals?
Figured pics would help explain the words. If you take out the 2 Philips head screws you can take the internal part of the mirror out and in the case of this specific one you could drill out the hole between the screws and that is where the cables would go through for the remote remote mirror. You can switch the internal parts from one to the other but you will have to deal with taking apart cables on a remote mirror. I can try and find a remote mirror I have laying around to take a pic of cable coming through if needed.


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hello; Thanks for the help but I'll bet that taking apart the cables would be a real pain. On a different note I suggested a new area on the site for tips and tricks to help your TB ownership and this could be one.. I have not tried to deal with the mirror but maybe I could use some sort of epoxy for a quick fix, better than the tape.