performance Parts for sale in DC

The Kid

87 hardtop GN
Apr 5, 2015
RJC down Pipe new in BOX SOLD! Thanks knux65 for picking it up and I'll see you at the next meet
Alky Kit that I bought from RJC also with 3 bar map New unopened in box Ill do 550. I paid 635+ shipping cost. Pending SALE
ATR 2 1/2 inch stainless steel exhaust 550 picked up. I paid 600 and drove about 3 hours each way and spent 40 on gas. The mufflers are Magna flows and the overall condition is cherry. Pending sale
GN1 Super extreme FM Intercooler 550. New is 700 and shipping this heavy 2 boxes is easily at $80. Pending sale
So must be picked up for best bang for your buck.
ALL PARTS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went into details so potential buys can see the saving's or the head headache they can save buying locally or close by.

If you want to contact me or talk I can be reached by Email at at which time I will send you my # so we can talk.
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