Personalized License Plate

VERY FITTING!!!!! Great thought!

Mine is 6PAK2GO in Michigan. Its on alky so I thought it was fitting

I think the '6 pack to go' advertising came out for the 68-70 Roadrunners with the 440 6 pack option. This combo also might have come with a fiberglass lift off hood - not sure. Anyway some car show Mopar guys are a little too sensitive. :rolleyes: I've been on the receiving end of a couple PO'd aggressive rants. LOL They wanted that plate and were upset it was on a Buick! I told them I didn't have the money I needed to buy an 8 cylinder Mopar 6PAK I wanted. Instead I bought a 6 cyl. Buick and a license plate to commemorate all the 6 packs I had money left over for at bar time. ;)
I have had my plates for a long time now, but I think it is the best one out there. "I8AV8" Texas plates. It says it all.

As far as the offensive plates go, it was easier 20 years ago to get some stuff passed. We have a Nova that says" PIG TURD" and a Pro Street truck that says "FATAZ 75" . I tried " BLOW ME " on my blower car and it passed, then I got a letter saying that new rules were adopted and I woould have to make a different choice. I tried " 1FAS SOB"...nope, settled for "1BAD 09"
Why can't they get a sense of humor???

Here's mine:

The Monty plates I should have put up the rites to on FleaBay


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Mine is SPULN GN

For what it's worth...the plate on my big block 68 Camaro is AH RATSS

My last small block 69 Camaro was MOUSRRR.