PG version of the movie "Glory"?


Ruler of the Underworld
May 25, 2001
Does anybody know if there's a PG version of the movie "Glory"? I could use it for school.

yup, i watched it in 7th grade, where they got it i dunni but it sucks! no blood no heads being blown off by cannon, no legs being taken out by grape shot...... i love that movie.

i cry just about every time i watch it.

if you do a google search for family friendly movie editing you can find it i am sure. i know where is an outfit in utah (DUH) and one in Mesa AZ that do that kinda think.

i know that the school district i work for as a coach will not let teachers bring in movies unless they are in the schools video catalog, have you maybe looked in to that? i am sure the district has something like that where you are at.