Pics of an 85 Hybrid rebuild - Stage 1

This is a nice looking car in person, YNOVATE is a good guy that will have a good running hot-air (ok w/a FM) when he gets everything sorted out.

Boost is controlled with a (KB?) adjuster by the batt.

Yeah he could use a downpipe but don't encourage him to spend any money on parts until he gets a scantool. Or he will be buying a crank and rods again! ;)

YNO keep us informed as to the progress and if you want to get together in the spring for some tuning I'll bring the OTC and my limited knowledge.

Maybe we can get OTHWMN Turbo6x2 MIB and the rest of the Turbo Buick guys together this spring at the track............ or at least the lot for some bench racing.

its going to be a long process but I think this is the best thing to do(next to getting a scan tool). I also am seriously considering going back to hot-air. my buddy sinistersyclone and a couple other friend's are giving me a hand tearing the engine down, along with pulling the motor. I'll have all the internals checked out. I know for sure the piston rings will be replaced....had some un-holy blow-by before I put it in its storage spot. anyway, we'll be taking pictures of the process and If I come across any problems or questions....I'll keep you guys posted.

twins: I can't wait for next spring...I hope to be down in martin as much as possible. after some tuning with some mods I'm thinking about...I should be able to hit low 13's. I'm thinking about upgrading fuel pump, injectors, adj regulator, and bigger stall convertor. I don't think that my wastegate was working when my car was running so I'll need to get that checked out and possible get another.....I've heard about the delta-gate. can anyone give me some info on that item. and also some advice on fuel pressure, what pump to go with, and what pound injectors. I'm going with 2800 stall.

If there is something vital that I am overlooking(beside the scantool twins:D please tell me)

thanks alot

Take the time and spend the $$$ now and do it right. And definatly get a scantool, and replace the injectors while your there (if they are stock - same with the pump).

Deltagate's are awsome......I have had mine for a few years and love it. The boost is solid - unless you have leaks around the gate (been there done that). Buy reading your post I see you say you have a T-netic's wastegate.....I'd bet it is a deltagate.

Like Twins said hopefully we can all get together at the track this spring.