Pictures from Reynolds


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May 25, 2001
I have the gallery up from reynolds. all pictures are for sale in 8x10 for $15, 11x17 for $25, and 13x19 for $35 with free event information. Just let me know and I will be able to ship them out upon receiving payment. I know that several racers purchased photos from me and I am very thankful. Lemme know.
Cool pics!:)

Got any vids from the event? If so please be nice and share:D :cool:
You don't happen to have a picture of Muddy Buddy's (Steve & Kate Thompson's) '67 Firebird with the turbo V6 under the hood do you? It went 11.20's on easy passes, and was mostly in primer paint.

Just want to bring this back up incase anyone missed it. I recieved my pic this week and it looks great. definately worth the price.Thanks