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My understanding is that the 86 & 87 GN's have pink paint on the valve bodies and that is a dead give away the you have a TR valve body..What has anyone else heard??
valve bodies

Well, the valve body I got from postons has pink paint on it with no ink stamp. My valvebody in the car right now has the exact same pink paint in addition to the br3 ink stamp. Not worried about it though.:)

OK .... But what if ?
Someone it ran through a jet wash? Or a mineral based solvent. Then your "pink" is gone and your "BR3"
is gone.

Now what?
How do you tell?

Let' s see who knows...........(we can have fun and learn at same time)

Let us see.........hrrmmm:D

Another quick identifier is the presence of a single-prong, third clutch switch on the side of the valve body. I don't believe that any other models used that location.

Also, there are small numbers/letters stamped on the ends of the aluminum throttle-valve sleeves. They are as follows:

1986-'87 BRF
  • 1-2 TV - #15
  • 2-3 TV - #21
  • 3-4 TV - F

1984-'85 BQ
  • 1-2 TV - #15
  • 2-3 TV - #19
  • 3-4 TV - F

What do I win? :D
I knew you knew. And the third gear port was used on a few such as oz, kz, cz, cq, bq,bu, brf ,tta1,

There are still other ways but Greg I know you know. And you win a full all day tour of the TCI building. Hehehe :)