Planned buildup...opinions?


Oct 28, 2001
Current status:
Stock longblock
Stock tranny (slipping)
KB ram air kit
stock turbo (bad)
stock injectors
Hooker 2 1/2 inch duals, no cat
stock headers (leaky)
Walbro pump, hotwired
Adj regulator
87 ECM, MAF, elec fan
160 stat, blocked coolant lines to TB
Alcohol injection

Proposed upgrades:
Turbo-reworked stock housing for 65 lb/min compressor
(similar to T-60-1)
50-lb injectors
tranny rebuilt with shift kit and app. 3000 stall
(maybe 9/11 convertor)?
Kenne Bell headers w/crossover and DP

These upgrades are probably all I am gonna be able to afford this year, but with it properly tuned, I expect I may see some low 12 second times with this combo.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as this setup goes? I realize that to take full advantage of this equipment, I will probably need a new cam and some head and intake work, but that will come later.