Please HELP Need some help finding fuel components on motor


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Sep 19, 2006
I'm changing my injectors and need a little help finding things on the motor.
I'm not sure how to remove the stock fuel pressure regulator, fuel inlet line, fuel inj. connector(drivers side). Thanks !! Pictures would help too!!!!
when i remove my fuel rail i undo the fuel line connecting to the rail on the pass. side and unbolt the fuel regulator on the drivers side and pull it out away from the fuel rail. reg. is held on by two 10mm's i think. i would strongly rec. u soak the injectors at their bases where the o-rings are with throttle body cleaner so they will come out easier. spray at least twice, give them a little time to soak. hth

the inj. harness should be unplugged at the main connector, big white one. unbolt the ing. module and set it out of the way or push it back some. the connector should be under it, somewhere towards drivers side.