Please Help! Still Looking For Information.


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Oct 24, 2001
Ok, This is the story. I'm still looking for any information out there concerning my first GN (loaded T-Top car). VIN# 1G4GJ1173HP457641. I Bought it new in 1987 in NY, and it was stolen in the spring of 1988 (also recovered in 1988). It had only 12,243 miles at the time of it's demise. Normally that would be the end of it. Thanks to carfax, I found something strange. Though it still shows only one report, but the strange thing is the date, and mileage. Last Reported Odometer Reading was 29,360 on 5/20/93. That's five years, and 17K miles after the theft. I know this car is out there...somewhere. Who ever has it, has been sitting on it since 1993. Someone on this board (I won't mention any names, yet) thinks he has my car in a warehouse in PA. He's been jerking me around since last September (which REALLY pisses me off) and wont let me know one way or the other if it's my car. Can someone please help reunite this car with it's original owner? I'm even ready to offer a reward for it! Please let me know. Thanks in advance, Paul. :(
You can get a title history from PA. Then you'll have a place to start. It'll cost you a buck or two but what's it worth to you?
John, If it is in PA it's never been registered there. According to the idiot who thinks he has it, he never did anything with the title. I don't understand how anyone can screw around with somebody's head like this. I really want to find this car, whatever it takes. Thanks for the tip though. Personally, I think it's still in NY. Paul.
So NY was where the Carfax info came from in 1993? I might be able to get you a title history from NY if I pulled some strings. It wouldn't be free, but I have some contacts there. If your insurance company paid you for the car, they'd be very interested in getting in touch with the last registered owner I'd bet.
John, Go for it! I assume you saw the carfax information as well. Yes, my insurance company paid the bill. I think it was the Travelers insurance co. I don't know why they would want to get in touch with me though. I tried to buy it back then, but they blew me off. So I don't know what happened to it after 1988. Obviously someone did in 1993! Let me know what happens. Thanks again, Paul. Oh yea let me know if you want the person's name that's been yanking my chain for 8 months.
Ok, I'll make a call today. Once I find out what information they need, I'll send you a PM. Like I said, it isn't a free service but I'll let you know how much before proceeding via private message, so be sure and check them. We should be able to start Monday on this. To recap what's going on, your car was stolen, you were paid for it via your insurance, the insurance company apparently sold it and you are just trying to find it for personal reasons. Does that about sum it up? Oddly enough, I may get asked these questions (being that you aren't the current owner). :rolleyes: Title people are sometimes as suspicious as Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory". :D
John, You pretty much summed it up. Those are the reasons I'm looking for it. You might shoot me an email with the information (to be sure I get it). The only lead I had, as I stated earlier, was near Pittsburgh, Pa. Hope this helps. Thanks again for your help, Paul. :)
John, I just got home. I checked it, and I will try this. Just one thing. If the person that has it, never did anything with the title, then a title search would stop with my insurance company (since they were the last to process it) right? Anyway, I'll try it and let you know what happens. Thanks for the tip, Paul.
I will keep everyone posted. I will also keep bringing this "TTT" every so often, so someone might (by chance) see it. You never know. What a story this would be, if I found my car after 14 years! Here's the VIN one more time. 1G4GJ1173HP457641. Thanks again, Paul. :)