Pod gauges, which look better, carbon fiber or white face


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I cant seem to find any pictures on the net of a TTA with pod gauges.
I have narrowed it down to either the Autometer carbon fiber face or the Autometer C 2 white face.

Anyone have either of these installed and give an opinion

Does anyone have a photo of theirs on the pod ?

I have the white faced gauges on the a-pillar. I have knock and a autometer 30/30 boost. I will look for a pic. I think the white looks great in these cars but that is IMHO.

Anyone else have any opinions ? Which look better ? Do the white faced ones stand out to much ? Is it hard to read the carbon fiber ones compared to the white ones ? Which matches the interior better ?
Thanks again
IMHO, the black ones are better looking than the white or silver. Here are pics of my TTA and also one from my GTA.