Pop Dents

Tom Walker

saw at the HPnats a guy from Dent Master do wonders. I need those wonders. how can I find these guys? any near central Indiana?
that would be great, Lee. The wife's La Crosse lease is up 12/26 and it has one dent in the hood. Of course, the WH1 will pose much more of a challenge.
do they come thru often? where are the located, or are they normally on the road? I saw them in Ohio and Indy at the HPnats.

They are from Mississippi, but travel all over, wherever hail hits. Right now they are in Akron, Ohio, but will be moving shortly. I was thinking about getting with the In. chapter and see if I could get enough work together to make it worth while for them to stop locally if they are coming anywhere close to me. I have a small amount of dings on my car, but not enough. These guys are the BEST. These guys can fix anything but a broken heart.
BTW, they both own Turbo Buick powered cars.
Thanks Leeo! We will be here in Akron another week, but can pretty much travel to wherever needed. Our company is National Dent Inc 888-961-3368
Alan and Jason Cheney.

Becareful about dealership guys. Most are not too caring about used cars, so they tend to "hack" up stuff. You want atleast a 5-6 year tech working on your car if you decide to use someone else. We know Buicks inside and out and guarantee our work 100%.
Thanx, Lee. I know they did a great job on WildBill's T, @ the Indy HPNats. Wife's car has 1 dent, WH1 has many on the sides. If you hear from them, please let me know as I'd like their services.....Tom