ported heads



How much gain can I expect from a set of ported stock heads and some 1.6 roller rockers with a 206 comp cam.I also have a 3500 nlu art carr convertor with a three in BG downpipe,42lbs.injectors and all the other stuff that comes with it like a te62.
I would say 50-90 horse'y but I could be wrong. I've seen guys
make a difference at the track by shaving 5/10ths to a full second
in the 1/4 mile with only porting the heads
Now thats what I wanted to hear.I hope this will be well worth the wait.Thanks.Anymore replys? I know there is a lot of people out there that has done this.
Being the realist I am my .002 is 35 HP with a pretty decent port/bowl job done. All out with valves you could approach 50 HP. Expect .2-.4 tops IMO.
Oh, with the cam add another 15 HP and the rollers were tested to yeild 5 HP. Total of about 70 HP.
yea I did the valves also and a great bowl port and polish job.Hearing all this stuff is starting to blow my head up a little.Ha Ha.Need more input!!!!!!Need more!!!!
I wish I could dyno all cars with aftermarket parts for 24/7 and
365 days a year:D First I need to win the lottery:)
got trying to get where I'll be noticeable at the track.Like you don't want to run him he's to fast(talking about myself)hha.ha.