Possibly fixed code 44, but still stalling after cold start


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Aug 13, 2003
Hey guys,

I think I've finally fixed my code 44 for the 2nd time. I replaced my O2 sensor and my PCV valve today and the car has yet to throw a code, but I really haven't driven it that much to fully test this.

Before it started throwing this code for the 2nd time, my car would idle fine after a cold start. Now it will idle for a few mins and then die. This is the same way it would act back before I found and fixed a vac leak.

A few days ago I found a bad check valve going to the EGR solenoid. I replaced this valve, but the problem is still there. I've read in other posts that this check valve going bad could blow the EGR valve gasket, basically causing a vac leak. Would I be off base in assuming that this could be the cause of the problem? TIA

I'm really starting to think this is another vacuum issue. I've checked all the obvious ones under the hood. Which other one's are there to check. There is one that runs down the DS fender that is T'ed off of another line. Where does this one run to?
I think that line goes to a vac ball that works all your accessaries(sp).