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Craig Smith

That was easy!
May 25, 2001
After seeing a rather objectionable post about a recall on FAST products this morning, I asked that it be removed. If you are the author of this post, it is gone at my request. Not only are some of the statements you have made completely false, you left no name, email address, or any indication of who you are or how to reach you. The hostile nature of your post certainly didn't leave me feeling very eager to help you, either.

Something that I would like to clarify is that this forum is NOT the "come in and register a complaint about FAST" forum. This still is a website dedicated to Turbo Buick enthusiasts, and the focus should never get very far from that. Obviously the fact that I am active in this forum has drawn some attention from many FAST customers with all sorts of vehicles, and I don't think that's really a bad thing at all. However, my participation in these discussions will be limited to technical questions only!

If you are unhappy with FAST for some reason, your feedback is important and you have every right to pursue a resolution to your problem. But it is not fair to anyone to use this forum as a soapbox to stand on and anonymously complain about anything you see fit. Just because I choose to participate in this forum doesn't mean that I am willing to be a target for angry customers who need to vent their frustrations.

If you have technical questions about FAST, I will answer them as best I canwhen I have an opportunity, and there are many others here who will do the same. But I will not respond to general complaints in this forum, as it is not here for that purpose. If you are seeking answers or wish to learn about something related to FAST, or really any system, this forum is a great resource for you. Obviously, though, the post I read this morning was not posted because someone was seeking a resolution to a problem.

There are ways to find solutions to problems of this type. The first thing you should always do in these situations is to contact the dealer who sold you the system. They have a responsibility to work with you after the sale. This is not to say that FAST expects their dealers to just do anything the customer demands or to bear the entire burden of resolving these situations. Many times your dealer can help you through whatever issues you have. If they need help, that's a big part of what my job entails - helping them out.

In a nutshell, I will always be a resource for anyone with a FAST system having trouble. However, I wish to keep my role in this forum limited to what this forum is for in the first place - technical questions and discussions on engine management systems.
I would like to thank Craig

As his post is exactly how we feel about the board in general.

I am both thankful and feel honored to have the excellent tech advice, available directly to us. I also invite cars other than TR's to learn and particpate in this Forum.

Thank you Sir for your , very well put, offer to assist.

I, for one, feel honored and will stand behind everything you said and request

Thanks again
WE4 admin
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