Power Antenna Complete Rewire


Mar 27, 2017
My power antenna seemed a bit slow and noisy so I got a stock unit rebuilt from Kirban. I went to put it in today only to find the antenna had been replaced before with one of those Universal P.O.S's and the previous a-hole owner of the car had ripped out all the stock antenna wiring and coax and replaced it wires so thin I could use them for dental floss.

So now my rebuilt unit can't be simply bolted in and hooked up with the stock connectors, because its all been hot wired so to speak. Even the stock antenna relay appears to be removed.

I'd like to rip out all the previous guys sorry excuse for wiring and put it back stock.

It looks like I can still get the two pieces of Coax in NOS form on Ebay. However I'm striking out on the wiring. I guess I need whatever wire goes from the Radio to the Relay and then the Relay to the antenna. Can't find a part number for the relay. On some parts diagrams I've seen something listed as part 22020275 called a SWITCH KIT. Not sure if this is relay wiring or something else, but I guess it doesn't matter because I can't find this part for sale.

Does anyone happen to have this wiring they'd like to sell out of a parts car, or can someone tell me the relay I need and if I can buy any off the shelf gm style connectors to give a near stock appearance if I were to wire them myself?? Appreciate any direction.

posted on general tech so to answer what might be tech .. no theres no available wiring that i know of
the discontinued GM power antenna kit included wiring that used OE connectors and relay but it too was universal in that all wires were super long and didnt have connector for constant power or the radio terminal like the OE factory install

best bet is post a want ad in parts wanted , most G bodies are similar and can be made to work but regal harness is different than pontiac , chevy or olds in some of the underdash wire lengths