Power Antenna Motor Cycling


Here - watch THIS!
May 24, 2001
My wife called me at work to tell me that the GN was making a humming, cyclical noise from the passenger side front.

So, I came home to find what sounded like a noise from the passenger side front fender. Yep - the old power antenna seemed to be trying to get busy in there making a nnnnNnnnnNnnnnNnnnnN... noise contstantly. Apparently, it thought my Optima was overcharged or something?

I pulled the wiring harness behind the glovebox (Green, Gray, and White wires going to the relay) and of course it stopped.

My question - do you think it's the relay or is it the motor? It was making a clicking noise as it was humming, almost as if the motor was trying to keep lowering the already lowered antenna (which was down all the way).

Do I need a new relay, a new antenna motor, or what? Thanks!
Probably the cable snapped. They sell a repair kit from GM & have seen it at some vendor sites. A search may find a part number here or maybe

X2! Yep, snapped cable. It happened to me a while ago and I got a replacement from Brian at GBodyParts.com Online The GM replacement part number is: 19151297. You have to unbolt the fender at the bottom and around the wheel well to get at it. :redface: There's no way to get it out just by removing the plastic fender liner, so don't lose your time in trying! :rolleyes: Once you have the whole antenna assembly in your hands, drill out the rivets holding the housing together and there you'll see the white nylon cable that snapped...Replace the cable, use some bolts to reassemble the housing back together and reinstall the whole assembly into the fender making sure that the antenna wire as well as the 12V. power wire are connected properly, and that's it! :smile:
Hope this helps!

good luck,

Claude. :wink: