power drain


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Mar 14, 2010
I installed a tach and boost gage and evidently disturbed some wiring or something. Ran the battery down in one night. There is a pretty good spark when I connect the battery, enough to light a dash bulb. Pulling the Clock fuse stops the drain. I connected to the interiorlight fuse for my lighting. This Clock fuse is 30 amp (factory diagram shows a 20 amp) and evidently feeds the whole interiorlighting circuit. What all does this fuse feed? Where should I start? Any ideas would be appreciated.

Is it a factory radio? If so does the clock stay on all the time?

I've read on here that there's a common problem with the factory radios drawing current all the time.
I'm gonna just mention this, for months I had an issue with battery going dead over night, dealer couldn't find etc. Turned out to be my lighter, left it out and no draw down, understand others have had this issue. Just something to check!
Try to first disconnect the tach and all wiring to boost gauge as original and see if you still have the short, and if you still have then check these radio prints.
Late us know if you what you found out, good luck


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Thanks to all. I found the problem. I had wired the tach to a "hot always" terminal instead of a "key on" hot spot. Electrical things are my worst enemy.