Power steering pump, where to buy one...dont want a cardone rebuild

Tear the pump open and stop the speculating. The pump would have to be run almost dry or a big air pocket to get a vane to break/ crack. I would like to know what these other companies are doing to them so they can charge $300 for a rebuilt unit? Besides add -AN fittings.

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Keep in mind they are billet alum new dyno'd units. Nothing is used or reman. I am finding out you get what you pay for with these cars
Fingers crossed


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yes I did, the pump is nice, however it was not needed. Issue was the power steering reservoir causing the whine
Good to know. Mine is foaming and groaning some. I will try just the reservoir first.

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I know this thread is old. Toby, how is that pump working out and what pulley did you use?

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