Power steering reservoir hose


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I need to replace a rubber hose (return hose?, there's spring style clamp on it) at plastic connector at bottom of the power steering reservoir, but cannot find anything like return hose in car shop catalogs.
Is it just a general hose or I need to look for hose designed for my car?
Car Regal LS 1997 3.8L
It seems to have a specific shape, which I am not sure how to achieve.
Also when I removed it - on the end from steering reservoir it is wider than further from the end.
Is this done on purpose to fit to reservoir plastic connector or it just got wider?
I cut the wider part at the end (it was leaking at the reservoir plastic connector), and now its very hard to put it back.
Thank you.
I've got this brand new in pkg Highway Stars PS feed hose available . LMK if you're interested


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its' same size as 5/8" heater hose (also same as -10AN lines)
there's no raised or belled ends on the hose....it's a straight hose with no precurved sections like Highway Starts now list as being available on their website