Power Stroke I/C

Raymond Bunch

"Turbo Enthusiast"
Mar 20, 2002

Well, I just finished the install today and it turned out great. I will most likely head to the 1/8 mile track at Qualcom Stadium here in San Diego, Ca on Friday and see what she will do.

Before the PS/IC install my best time was a 8.036 @ 85 mph with a 1.9 60ft. My mods are THDP, single shot exhaust, Red Armstrong FP, hot wire, air bags, acufab FPR, 30 pnd inj, and BFG drag radials with Pro Stars all the way around. It also still had the front sway bar on!

In saying this, I will report the run times and see if there was any improvements overall with the combo above. I'm hoping for a
7.8-7.7 @ 87 mph as this is my main goal at this time. Well see

Then the mods begain:

I will be putting on my TE45a from Limit Engineering, Seimans 72's and modified ecm from Nick Micale, street chip from Neal Steward, and still waiting on my Precision 3600 stall converter from Nick Micale. I will also be getting the frame notched to accomidate a pair of 28x11.5-15 M/T ET Streets for the added traction.

My goal with this combo and a whole lot of tuning is to get one og the fastest times ever with a stock unopend engine. Of course I will have Neal Steward burn me a strip chip for this feat and will be running Trick Flow 114 or 118 octane

Otherwise fellas, it all about having fun and I'll let everyone know what happens.


Were did you get your ford front mount intercooler, as I am looking to find one for a X-MAS present from the girlfriend to me.:cool: I have been checking ebay, but I am not sure what a good price is on one of these. Are Ford dealers still able to order a aluminum intercooler or just the new plastic ones? Please post your results as I am very interested in seeing the difference. How is the seat of the pants difference?

TIA, Nick
Q-85, check your local salvage yards thats where I got mine and found several more for $150 or less, I bought mine for $130.

I think after I started calling on a regular basis thats when the price went up.
Thanks I never thought of that. I use to always go to the junkyard and now I am just trained to look on ebay it seems. Probably just lazyness......:D I will check my local junk out this week. I would love to get one for 150 bucks!!!

Thanks much, Nick
No prob Nick good luck on your search, hope you find one like mine less than 5,000 miles and under $130. They are out there.

Good luck, Larry