Power Sunroof


Ran outta hand cleaner
May 27, 2001
Hey guys

I have the PWR sunroof optioned 85. Got it out to lube it up and find out why it doesn't work.

Took it apart in my garage - its out from the car thats in the body shop (still).

The power mechanisms that make the window slide are on tracks....the window has two aluminum arms - one on either side - that connect it to the track.

One of mine is broke. Thats the main reason it wont slide 'cause it binds when only the one side moves and causes it to go crooked in the slides - jamming it up.

Where do I get one of these arms ?

Anyone have any tips on other things to look at while its out ? (motor works fine)

Michael at M+M or anyone else have a wreck with a sunroof like this ?