Powering an amp


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May 25, 2001
What's the best way to run power from the battery to an amp in the trunk. How do you guys connect to the battery.
If you have a dual post battery then its really easy to do. Just run a power wire off of the second terminal and then run it to the back. If you have only 1 modest amp and can get by with 8ga wire then just run it through a grommet in the firewall and under the carpet/backseat to the trunk. If you have a little more power and go with bigger wire you could do like I have done, take it from the batt then run it along the fender well right into the frame. I then have it tie-wrapped in there and it enters the cab under the back seat through a hole I drilled. It then goes into the trunk from under the seat.
I had a dual post battery in another car but not this one, I am sort of stuck with how to power it.
You can also run it through a grommet in the firewall and under the carpet into trunk. Make sure to fuse cable in case of any mis-haps.
Is the batt that you have a top or side mount? They make some really nifty top post connectors that act as a distribution block. I have one that accepts 2-2ga and 2-8ga. I believe that they do make some for side mount also. I would say look in crutchfield or your local auto parts store or car stereo shop.

You can't really "splice in". splicing a 4ga or bigger wire like what is on your batt is rather difficult and very frowned upon.
You can get some side post terminals from Scoosh or somebody. They go on the battery and the cables fit on to them. The treminals accept ring connectors on them, kinda nifty.