Powermaster Pump motor


Regal of the Dark Order
Aug 28, 2001
Could anyone list an easy-to-follow instruction on how to replace the hydro-electric pump for the powermaster brake system? I've just had this thing fail on me today, and looks like I'm going to be trying to tackle this myself if I cant get some assistance the end of this week or weekend.

Whats the procedure on doing this removal & installation? I'm sort of timid when it comes to vital brake system components. Thanks in advance!


Check www.gnttype.org in the trech area, there might not be something just to change the motor though, but there is something about bleeding the thing.

Where did you get the motor from? I kinda need one too.

Why not get a complete, lifetime warranty PM from Advance Auto Parts or your local auto parts store? Advance gets $149 + core.
I just swapped mine out and there was nothing to it. 3 Nut's, 2 lines, and unplug the wires from the motor, BINGO!!! Put another one on just like the first one came off, Checked the brake fluid and turned on the key. Mine are working fine at the moment:eek: I AIN'T BRAGGIN YET! Man these thing's are tempermental.