Powermaster Rebuild Kit


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May 25, 2001

Are these rebuild kits still available? I'm talking about the pieces that go inside the master cylinder.
I tried to get one from GMpartsdirect and Rockauto and both say this kit is discontinued.

I got a master cylinder rebuild kit from Poston's last year. They should still carry them.

Not Postons

I called Postons today. They do not have these kits anymore.

Where can they be found? Someone hopefully knows. If they are around, I would like one (maybe two) for backup.

Even so, someone may come up with an aftermarket kit?
Good luck DMan, I'm going thru same thing; all Powermaster parts are very rare & from what I've seen most of it is junk taken off cars that were either stripped long ago or left overs from a brake conversion project.
Dealerships or GM distributors, anywhere, don't have any new parts. If you can find something, It'll be old & it ain't cheap. I could not find rebuild kit, so bought a used master cylinder from GBodyParts (I think owned by BWeavy) who is a site vendor & posts sometimes.
May be time to consider a conversion, may be even cheaper in short-run & will be able get parts in long-run. Good luck...Ray
Thanks Hotrod

Thats exactly what I did. I picked up a 'junk' powermaster. Now I'm going to try testing it and seeing what all it does. That resleeve place appears to have some stuff..
Hey guys, I posted this in another place as well, here it is:

The link mikec1969 provided was to a place called Karps brake. They called me back. They have the switches and accumulators, original GM. the prices are as follows (better sit down):

Pressure switches - $300 :eek:
Accumulators - $400 :eek: :eek: :eek:
PowerMaster rebuild kits - $75, contains all new seals and cups (rubber components) for the cylinder itself. :cool:

I think the kit is a deal, but it is the first place I have found them since Postons. If memory serves, their kit was more, but it contained more.
I have a NOS GM rebuild kit that I bought a while back if you are interested.
Hydroboost Vs Vacuum Vs Powermaster

We have those rebuilding kits, but the switch, accumulator, and motor are expensive and unreliable. We have been converting those cars to HYDROBOOST with great success. No need to worry about parts. They last 200,000 miles and offer fantastic and much improved stopping power. You can view the photo gallery at POWERBRAKESONLINE.COM
hydroboost rebuild kits

you can buy rebuild kits at mbmbrakeboosters.com , ph# 1-800-231-4125