Powerstroke front mount Question


Aug 30, 2004
Im thinking about upgrading to powerstroke front mount. ive searched and searched but cant find the answer to this question. Does anyone run or have problems with plastic end caps on these? i see some are aluminum but can only find the ones with plastic inlet/outlets. what you guys think any info??? will these hold up. how much boost can they handle without goin boom
I would recommend you find an all aluminum unit. I know for sure they were used in 2001 models,thats what was written on mine. I picked it up off this board for 150.00 shipped,installed it and have not thought about it much since. If I could add anything to it I would have drilled and tapped holes at the bottom of the tanks for flushing it out should it collect any oil from a bad turbo. I trimmed the inside bolt ears off my bumper supports @ the frame and used to homade brackets bolted to the bottom of the radiator support like this.


This allowed the PSIC to sit below the header panel eliminating the need to cut the hood and header as some have done. The fiberglass in the area next to the headlight buckets will need to be trimmed also.The benefits are nice with damn near ambient outlet temps and coolant temps well withing normal range at all times. I have a TE-60 with 3" pipes and it spools up plenty fast. good luck.
Why don't you buy one that bolts in? PTE, RJC, Cotton? :confused: Instead of getting a deal on a Power Stroke and having to cut up the car for it to work.:redface: Plus you would still need to get some pipes made for the PS.
Im impressed with what ive read about them and their efficiency they have excellent #s for price it cant be beat. bolt in ones are way over priced imo
i have researched it, its not hard ive done stuff like this before. Plus keeping $700-$1000 more in my pocket it will be even more worth it :D