Precision 5931 MFS Turbo, 60# Injectors, Turbo Tweak chips


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After recently installing a fresh motor in My '87 T, I have some parts off the stock motor for sale now. There was nothing wrong with my original motor when it was removed, just time for a forged set up, heads, more power, etc. These items are available and priced individually, but I want to list them together as they are a great package for turning s stock(ish) car into an 11 second ride. If you have any questions, please send me a message directly. Thanks for looking.

1. Precision 5931 MFS Turbo - This turbo has about 2,500 miles on it and is about 2 years old. It worked great with the stock motor (stock heads, cam, bottom end). It is rated to 600 horsepower. It spooled almost instantly and made 30-31 pounds of boost all in on my motor with alky of course. The car ran a best of 11.58 at 115 mph on this turbo and with the injectors and alky chip below. It also has a heavy duty wastegate actuator on it from Precision, which was an extra $80 when I ordered it I believe. The turbo is in great shape. There is no damage and no looseness in the wheel. SOLD

2. Turbo Tweak 60# injectors - These were installed along with the turbo above and have the same amount of miles on them. They work great, I just needed to go to a bigger injector with the new motor. SOLD

3. Turbo Tweak 5.7 chip for alky - This chip is set up for the injectors and turbo above with alcohol injection. Max boost designated for this chip is 25psi, but I ran closer to 30 with no problem. My car had a Cas V-4 intercooler and a TH downpipe on it, which was in the information provided to Turbo Tweak to burn the chip. SOLD

4. Turbo Tweak 5.7 chip - This chip is also set up for the injectors and turbo above, but WITHOUT alcohol. I used this chip prior to installing the Alky Control setup. I think max boost fueling was set at 19psi. My car had a stock downpipe and stock intercooler when this chip was made. $25
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Just want to give a testimonial on this turbo as I have that same one.. It replaced a TE44. It pulls harder than the TE44 with a stock trans and converter with almost instant. Now that I have a Jimmy's trans and 3200 stall, makes boost instantly.
I only took it up to 21# on E85 before I had issues with rings no longer sealing. Which caused me to rebuild my motor with champion heads, roller cam, 1:6 roller rockers, ported intake, blah blah. I am going to see what this thing can do then go to a 6265. It made 337hp/419tq on a 50% leakage on cyl #4 and 20% leakage on the rest... not bad :)

I have been nothing but pleased with it so far. A great price by the way!