Precision intercooler

Does anybody have pictures of a Precision SLI installed? I would like to see any if possible, to see what it looks like and see how tight it is. Thanks.
Until you notice the 3 inch inlet, it doesnt jump out at you at all. It fits like a dream and installs in no time. If you have the 2 braces that come together under the oil pan, you will need to make a plate to move them out a little. I have a pattern for it or can make you one for a few bucks. Here are some pics. You almost cant notice it. It really doesnt stand out. When you take it out of the box, it overwhelms you compared to the factory unit, but it fits in and hides its size really well in my opinion.



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It sold, but thanks for the info. Seems like im always alittle So i just got one thats new, but could of save a couple hundred dollars if i had found it early.
If your in Ohio, your done driving your car now anyway. I posted in the parts wanted section and got a killer deal on mine because the guy was changing to a front mount over the winter. Dont rush and you could find a good deal. I paid 500 plus shipping for mine and it was in perfect shape.