preferance for race tires?

Be it street......nothing!!!! No street tire will hook my car now. Just get BFGs Radials and deal with that you’re not going to hook…..but you get good miles out of them if you can keep from turning them. Forget about using tires like Nitto 555R, waste of $$$. As for strip, go for 28X10.5 MT ET Drag.

If your goal is to have "0" traction, then by all means, get BF Goodrich T/A radials. I'm using Sumitomo HTRZ tires and I get pretty good street traction. As good or better than Nitto DRs on the street. You need 16" or 17" rims to get a size you can use. No 15" size tall enough.
mcreary american racer tires hook like hell on the street. i could hold abolut 9 psi on a launch and hit second with no spin. best of all only $125 a piece for 275/60/15
Ditto for Hoosier Quick Time Pro DOT 28x11.5-15LT although I can't get much past 5 psi due to converter limitations.

Buzz White in Houston, TX (
Ditto American Racer (G-60/15). Only $105 each and hook great. I can get 1.7 60' with only 5# launch.
I have very good 60fts with BFG drag radials 1.52 to 1.58 at 11psi tire pressure but every car is different my big block car likes a lot of heat in the tire (big burnout) but the buick just a short burnout will do. on the street I can leave with 5psi of boost I get about 5 feet of wheel spin. before the suspension work I would get 30 to 40ft I measure my whell spin with a tape measure it is the only way I can tell if my steup is dialed in or not for the street.
I'm not familiar with the Mcreary American Racer tires. Are they a bias ply dot tire or a slick and who sells them?

Thanks Look for the DOT tire. They are bias ply and I drive them on the street as long as the weather is dry. They track just fine. The tread depth is a lot greater than on a drag radial so they may be OK in the rain, but I haven't driven in the rain yet.
I have a question...

which is the best Slicks for the Street?

or is it worth to change between standard tires to real slicks when the time has come for some streetrace?

if you know what i mean.

And what is the largest (biggest) Slick would fit on a -87 GN?
with 15x10 rims? (with the right backspacing)

or should there be some modifications in the backspacing?
The best "slicks" for the street is a good ongoing question but needs some clairification. It is illegal to run true slicks on the street in the U.S. Street tires must be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. Some tire manufactures make DOT performance tires that are very close to slicks but have small groves to make them legal (slicks with grooves). A true slick will perform better than a DOT tire in a drag race situation so if slicks are legal on the street in Sweeden get some 28/10-15 M/T'S and have fun but I would probably get picked up sitting at a traffic light with slicks.
On the track I believe the M/T Drags are most popular but the best street tire is still to be decided.
Others can better answer the "BIGGEST" question.

It's the same here in sweden, must have a DOT tyre.

i've tried som MH Racemasters slick with grooves on my former car, a Pontiac TransAm GTA -88, with 5.7L engine, minor mods (no Cat, Chip, Open Air filter, modded intake, Progressive fuel pressure. Estimated 280Hp.
The tyresize was 305/50-16.

they were used, and barely leagal, but in an ordinary road, a couple of years old surface, the grip was not satisfying.
but a little better than the Cooper Cobra GTH 245/50-16 standard tyre.

But on a road with new surface, the grip was decent, not perfect, but ok, Approx 1-2 metre of spin, with full throttle start.

And now i need good grip for my GN with alot more than 280Hp :)

will the 28/10-15 M/T Drags give me a satisfying grip in an ordinary road? or may a bigger tyre fit in the rear on my GN?

I'm going to buy aftermark rims, Size 10x15 inch.

Track only - MT ET Drags

Occasional Street (no rain driving) - MT ET Streets

Street (everyday driving, including rain) - Nitto Drag Radials
You should look into the new MT Drag Radial and I hear that it hooks like a drag slick. After seeing some pics of it there are only a few grooves for tread so you would not want to drive it in the rain.

I have relatively new BFG Drag Radials on my turbo Regal. I believe they are 275 60 15's. Took it out yesterday for a spin and had boost set at its lowest setting at 10 lbs boost (dual wastgates w/ 10lb springs) At 45 mph it will smoke the tires as though on water. Motor was recently freshened up and have Comp Cams 218/212 flat tappet cam. Its a big motor at 274+ inches. Its interesting to note that my original 3.8 motor that ran 10.7 at 125 mph would slightly spin the Drag Radials at that same speed. My point is that the Drag Radials work very well on the street but can become overpowered by Buick torque and marginal road conditions.
Has anyone tried the new Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials? The tread design looks like it may hook better than the BFG'S. I wonder how the price compairs?